Not so confident in open water or wondering where to put your car keys during your swim? The 360swim SaferSwimmer™ float and dry bag is the swim safety device for you.

Safer Swimmer is my new open water buddy. The tow buoy is simply awesome. I don't swim anywhere without it and everyone asks me where they can get one. Kenn, UK
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I love it. You don't even feel the tow float behind you and it actually fits all the stuff I need to keep dry, so no more car keys behind the tyre :). León, Spain
The float is the best swimming product since Swedish goggles. All the boats, jet skis and surfers see me now, so I can focus on my swim and not on the incoming boat traffic. Lars, Sweden
Simplicity and effectiveness in one great product. Whether I swam in the ocean or in a calm lake, it just works. John, UK
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Another great advantage of SaferSwimmer is that I could place my Garmin GPS safely inside the bag and track my swim with precision :) Vincent, France

I have bought it for my husband who has Parkinson's disease and he just needs a little extra security when swimming. We tried out the equipment today and it was absolutely fabulous. It gave my husband and therefore me the confidence to really swim out into the Mere. He didn't need to use it but he practised with it and he could grab it should the need arise. I haven't seen him swim so well for years. It has changed open water swimming for us both. I am more relaxed in the water with him so I get the pleasure from it, even though I'm not wearing it. I will recommend it and your firm to friends. Frances, UK
I like the buoy a lot. I'm no longer afraid to go out there and get tired. I just lay on my back and hold onto the float to gather more strength to go on. Finnbar, Ireland
Open water swimming here I come. I have been previously afraid from getting fatigued, but now me and my husband have got a couple of these buoys, so can enjoy the water as everybody else. Marie, France
The Safeswimmer is great! After a few swims with it I'm delighted to say that it's excellent!!! Even a few of my swim buddy's want to know how they can get one!!!! Barry, United Kingdom
I am sick and tired of depending on others for storage of my clothes , while I swim, so I decided to get the SaferSwimmer orange tow float to help me with that. Kristianna, Denmark
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Funny how such a simple product can be so useful. I keep my GPS in it to track my swims as well as my flip flops. It just works! Steve, New Zealand
My team has purchased a bulk order of the 360swim Safer Swimmer with a good discount to help us with our triathlon swim training. I was a bit skeptical at start, but then realized that the orange float is not just for storing things and letting the jet skis see you. We always have the faster and slower swimmers wear them, so the slower group has an easy navigational point to follow since they are a bit far behind and the faster group knows how far behind the others are and can loop back or adjust their speed. It works great. Keith, Australia